The Midnight Beast are a south London trio who shot to internet fame in 2009 after posting a parody of Kesha’s Tick Tock. Overnight they become internet celebrities, and as they posted more and more parody’s they became even more popular. Some dub them as Britain’s answer to The lonely Island so it’s no wonder That E4 snapped them up. So, after their TV series being a hit what can we expect from their debut album?

I can guarantee you that their out of the box humour and catchy lyrics is prominent in this album. It ranges from Big Boys which merely explains their journey from youtube to E4 and so on, to hard hitting (for a parody band) Daddy which covers an absent father going out for a twix and never coming back. Which leads me to agree that The Midnight beast are like marmite, you either love them or hate them.

Are video Games better than girlfriends? Videogames argues so, until of course one of their girlfriends step up! There’s something for everyone on this album Life is a Musical, covers the Glee/High School Musical culture. Upbeat lyrics to a backing track you may or may have not heard before. Meanwhile, Just Another Boyband covers the crazy world of well boy band culture (which includes a bonus freestyle track hidden right at the end of this song). Although the album is mostly happy pop, Censorshit is heavy with a Rage Against the Machine backing track which actually surprised me whilst casually listening to the album.

Elsewhere, Too Many Drunk Girls and Ninjas are generally about Britain’s drinking culture. Ever had your drink taken at a club? You may find out the reason why whilst listening to Ninjas. If you’re looking for something just that little different to listen to, I would recommend you give this a listen. From recording in a small bedroom donned with fairy lights and a computer, to hitting the big time on E4, The Midnight Beast have come a long way since they first tasted fame.